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Starting Position

The European Patent Office (EPO) offers inventors patent protection in up to 40 European countries. 40 years ago, in 1973, the European Patent Convention was signed in Munich (Germany), laying the foundation of the European Patent Organisation. The Office is its executive arm. Its two core activities are the examination of patent applications and the grant of European patents as well as the publication of the documents related to inventions filed with the EPO. It provides the most comprehensive patent information databases worldwide including a free translation service into up to 30 languages. The EPO is recognised by its users for delivering the highest quality and efficient services.


The European Patent Office (EPO) will award a prize to the best GNSS application innovation that has been granted a European patent. The prize will recognise the best patented GNSS related innovation based on its high economic potential, strong technological impact, and outstanding benefits for today's society. The EPO will also applaud shrewd and effective patent strategies. The focus will be on recently granted (since 2008) and valid patents; however, the filing date of the patent does will not matter if the proposed application is innovative and shows that the inventor was ahead of his/her time in patenting it.

Prize 2015

Details on the special prize 2015 will be published shortly.

Prize 2014

The winner will be shortlisted and presented to the jury tasked with compiling a list of 15 total finalists (in five different categories) for the prestigious European Inventor Award 2015. If nominated by the jury, the winner will be included in a Europe-wide publicity campaign during the spring of 2015 and obtain a dedicated marketing support package that will include integration in high-ranking media partnerships. Also winning the European Inventor Award will, of course, lead to even more publicity!

In addition, the winner and two runners-up will receive an economic study (valued at approx. EUR 5,000) on the market potential of their patent in the corresponding field of technology.

Voices from previous winners

Voices from previous winners of the EPO Special Prize

"The EPO Prize helped us move forward to convince people that these patents could be among potential Galileo technical standards (SEPs). The market analysis was instrumental in taking China into account as a growing player and a potential market. Finally, it also helped us to foster a patent agreement with France Brevet concerning patent licensing" states Romain Desplats, CNES.
The runner up of the EPO Prize 2013, ESA BIC Bavaria start-up Intelligence on Wheels, was awarded with an economic study on the market potential of its system, which protects railway workers by means of virtual dynamic balises (VDB) and railway collision avoidance systems (RCAS). "The economic study prepared by experts from BGW provided us with valuable insights into the market potential of their innovation, as well as management advice in the field of IP" said Dr Thomas Strang, Intelligence on Wheels. More


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