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For the past decade, the ESNC has been an international marketing and outreach tool for promoting the innovative use of satellite signals. Its unique network currently comprises more than 20 global partner regions - which are represented by regional development agencies, industry associations, chambers of commerce, government departments, and other institutions - and the most relevant European GNSS stakeholders. By partnering with the ESNC, you can thus gain access to a truly unique global network and benefit on three different levels:

Over the past 10 years, the ESNC has proven its ability to motivate entrepreneurs to imagine and invent. It provides systematic support to innovators and start-up companies and boosts cross-regional matchmaking among industry, research, and politics to foster the realisation of the ideas it recognises. Our special prize partners, meanwhile, benefit from innovative applications that leverage their technologies and from solutions to their specific needs. The diverse portfolio of start-up companies that come together in the ESNC can thus provide as many benefits as they receive from high-tech incubation programmes and start-up centres.

We provide a global platform you can use to promote GNSS activities and position your region/company in the global GNSS community as either a regional or special prize partner. In doing so, we also strive to strengthen international collaboration and provide exposure through high-level local and international media coverage.

Partnering with the ESNC opens the door to a truly unique network of innovation and expertise that includes industry, governmental, and research entities. In addition, the ESNC kick-offs, international evaluation meeting, and awards ceremony are major networking events on the international GNSS community's calendar.

Hear from some of our partners, read more about the ESNC network, and check out the latest facts & figures.

Interested in becoming an official partner of a future ESNC? Contact us! We would be delighted to discuss possible opportunities with you and will remain at your disposal.

Kind regards,
Your ESNC Team

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